Friederich Herman is a contemporary fashion brand based in Indonesia, built upon a philosophy of combining thoughtfully pragmatic tailoring with a refined minimalism sensibility.

Since re-establishing his eponymous brand in 2017, Friederich's concentration has revolved around making a point of conveying the idea of a personal reflection on a real woman's life, serving his customers with serenely confident classic silhouettes that fits well and blends seamlessly into their wardrobe, connected with counterintuitive color combination.

"My concerns are really not about fashion itself but those little nuances in cuts, and how a woman can wear a piece of clothing, how the fabric moves and reveals. My version of luxury is a little less stuffy, a little less grandiose. It's more casual but I understand the craft and respect the artistry. It's about clothes with integrity, I guess."

Friederich Herman

Available at:

ARA Jakarta

Colony 6 Kemang 1 Fl. #5-6

Kemang Raya 6

South Jakarta 12730